Sunday, September 27, 2015


Of Course, when talking airbrushing on cards during the 1970's eventually you have to come to today's example: the 1974 Topps Reggie Smith card.
Take a look:

What is mystifying is that the "St. L" logo on his cap looks like it was hand drawn with crayons.
Just look at the rough, uneven edges!? So strange as to why this made the cut.
The rest of the cap is actually not that bad, with the shading, etc. But that logo.
Wow, just wow.
Of course this was all because Smith now found himself as a Cardinal after a very nice run in Boston between 1966 and 1973.
During that run he finished second in Rookie of the Year, was an all-star twice, led the league in doubles twice, and led the league in total bases in 1971.
It's easy (and sad) to forget just what a nice career "the other Reggie" put together through the decade.
Not only was he a legitimate home run threat (finishing his career with 314), but he hit .300 or better seven times during his run, and even managed to swipe 137 bases as a Major League player.
He'd finish his career with over 1000 runs scored, 1000 runs batted in, 300 homers and 2000 hits.
And let's not forget that he was one of those FOUR Dodger sluggers in 1977 to become the first set of quadruple 30+ homers hitters during the same season.


  1. Imagine if Smith stays w/ '75 you have Rice, Lynn, Evans w/Smith (if he stayed)...pushing Yaz to 1B, but Cooper is there...what a problem to have!

  2. I can't believe they didn't have a photo where the logo was partially obscured. The look on his face seems to say that he knows how this one will turn out. Not to good.

    This one was a dry run for the 74 Traded Set which wasn't much better.



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