Tuesday, June 18, 2024


The next superstar who gets a custom "Icons" card in my future custom set is the "Commerce Comet" Mickey Mantle, New York Yankees legend, making for a fun "artsy" set based on home field background art from the Golden Era of baseball:

As I have stated before here on the blog, Mantle is one of those guys I really don't think we need to get into as far as his tenure on the baseball diamond. It'd be kind of a joke to start writing about his career since it would take up a book's worth.
But alas, 500+ homers, a bushel of World Championships, three Most Valuable Player Awards, and the hearts of more fans than we can even imagine to this day.
"The Mick" in all his glory, enshrined in his rightful place in Cooperstown, along with his longtime buddy Whitey Ford in the same HOF class.
One of the great icons of the sport over its 150+ year history.
Not too bad a Hollywood script...
I just wished I would have gotten to see him play!
Keep an eye out for this set when I release it!



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