Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Today on the blog, another card from my recently released "1969 Gimmie-A-Do Over" set, finally correcting the famous "bat-boy" image error Topps made way back when on the Aurelio Rodriguez card where they actually had the California Angels bat boy Leonard Garcia depicted:


As released showing bat boy Leonard Garcia

I found a nice image of the Gold Glove infielder from that period and replaced it here, giving us a long overdue "fix" to an admittedly classic Topps error that was never corrected by them.
Rodriguez put in a nice 17-year Major league career beginning in 1967 as a nineteen-year-old, famously becoming the first third baseman NOT named Brooks Robinson taking home a Gold Glove in 17 years when he did just that in 1976 as a member of the Detroit Tigers.
By the time he retired after the 1983 season, he finished with a career .237 batting average, with 1570 hits in 6611 at-bats, with 124 homers and 648 runs batted in over 2017 games, playing for seven teams.


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