Sunday, September 24, 2023


Good day everyone!

Exciting new thread on the blog today!
Decided that it would be fun to create a "Minor League Days" 1971 sub-set celebrating some of the all-time greats of "yesteryear", beginning with the greatest of the all, Babe Ruth:

I'll be creating black and white cards of some of the all-timers pictured in the Minor League uni's, following the design template of my modern day thread.
As for Ruth and his Minor League tenure, it was a brief one, spending the first part of the 1914 season between the Baltimore Orioles and the Providence Grays as a 19-year-old pitcher.
Over 35 games the stud would go 22-9 with 139 strikeouts over 244.2 innings, while other stats like ERA, complete games and shutouts are not available.
He would finish the year in the Majors, appearing in four games for the Boston Red Sox and go 2-1 with a 3.91 ERA over 23 innings, completing a game while striking out only three.
The man was mythical, playing so far above and beyond his contemporaries that it made him arguably the most famous person on earth, let alone in America.
I'm not a fan of all this talk today diminishing all that Ruth did over his career, as I believe the entire concept of "context" has been lost on those that like to say things like "...if he played today...".
2800+ hits, 714 homers, 2174 runs scored and 2214 runs batted in, all accomplished in only 8399 at-bats.
To put that into context, if you gave him another HALF a career of at-bats, 4000 or so, that would match the great Hank Aaron's at-bat total, so what would Ruth's numbers be then?
Just something fun to think about.
And let us not forget a 94-46 record as a pitcher, with a 2.28 ERA over 163 games, including two 20-win seasons and an ERA title in 1916 with 1.75 including nine shutouts.
Just ridiculous. Greatest ever in my book.


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