Sunday, June 4, 2023


Good day everyone!

Happy to announce my newest WTHBALLS card set, “Cup O’ Coffee”, featuring 11 Big League players who never had a baseball card celebrating their short careers:


I have been wanting to issue cards of players like this for some time, and finally decided on an 11-card series to start it off, featuring 10 players from the 1970s (one for each year of the decade), as well as a bonus player from either the 1960s or 1980s.

The players that will be featured range from guys that played dozens of games, sometimes more, down to players that had one glorious day under the Major League sun, but never had a Topps card to commemorate their Big League tenure, including a multi-player rookie card, etc.

I do hope to have multiple “Cup O’ Coffee” series produced when it is all said and done, gathering a nice grouping of players that can help us “fill in” our vintage sets.

This first series will kick it off with names like Lafayette Currence, Kerry Dineen and Greg Heydeman, with a bonus 1982 card for one-game Major League catcher John Lickert of the Boston Red Sox.

I’m happy to offer up this set for $10 each, with a one-time $4.50 postage fee, no matter how many sets you buy.

As usual, you can send payment via Paypal to:

As with the last release, please allow me a few extra days to get to the Post office and ship orders, as my work schedule has changed a bit recently.

Take Care and thank you for the continued interest and support!!!

Thank you all for the continued interest and support!


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