Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Adding to the “Nicknames of the 1970’s” thread, here’s a card for the juggernaut we all know as the “Big Red Machine”, the back-to-back World Champion Cincinnati Reds of the mid-decade who packed a line-up about as good as any during the era:

It really is amazing that they didn’t win more than two championships. However when your dynasty is sandwiched between two other dynasties (Oakland & NY Yankees), it certainly wasn’t easy.
The Reds built their team through good old scouting, as well as shrewd trades, leading up to a team that had (at last count) three Hall of Famers in Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, as well as Pete Rose, whose a HOFer in my book anyway.
Throw in guys like George Foster, Ken Griffey Sr, Dave Concepcion, and it’s almost not even fair to the rest of the league at this point.
Though they didn’t have that top “Ace” that the era had with so many other teams, they had reliable, solid arms in guys like Gary Nolan, Don Gullett, Jack Billingham and Fred Norman, with a bullpen that was ahead of it’s time.
“Captain Hook” Sparky Anderson led the team, pretty much using a six-man rotation at time along with bringing in relievers at the drop of a hat, which was really not the norm at a time when pitchers still routinely reached 300-innings pitched.
An absolute steamrolling team that squashed THIS seven-year-old’s dreams when they swept my Yanks in the 1976 World Series, the very fist one I watched as a baseball fan.
It still amazes me that the team had SIX MVP’s during the decade: 2x Bench and Morgan, Pete Rose and George Foster! What a line-up!


  1. Also crushed my dreams the previous year.

  2. That is a sweet looking card!

    Wanted to see the Red Sox win, but the Reds just kept on a-comin’.

    4 WS in 7yrs, quite a run!

  3. Awesome card. That team was loaded. 6 MVP's? Never knew that. Great era for dynasties. Montreal Canadians. Oakland A's. UCLA basketball. Pittsburgh Steelers. And The Big Red Machine! I'm probably missing a few more... but these are the ones that stand out to me.

  4. You've got such a great eye for design and knack for excellent photo selection (not even talking about your layout and compositing skills!). So cool I wish it was real!



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