Friday, August 4, 2017


We move on to the 1972 and imagine what an awards sub-set (other than the joke of one they had in there) would look like had I been running the show.
Here’s my take on a “Cy Young Award” card reflecting the 1971 winners:

Fergie Jenkins was posting 20-win seasons like they were going out of style by the time he finally took home the award in 1971, going 24-13 with a 2.77 earned run average and 263 strikeouts, completing 30 of his 39 starts!
Monster year for “Fly”, as he’d march his way to the Hall of Fame with 284 wins and 3192 strikeouts, becoming the 1st pitcher in history to rack up 3000+ K’s while walking under 1000 batters.
Over in the American League we had what was the story of the year in baseball, Oakland A’s 21-year-old stud Vida Blue, who not only took home the Cy Young Award but the MVP as well.
All Blue did that year was post a record of 24-8 with a league-leading 1.82 earned run average and 301 strikeouts along with eight shutouts as he completed 24 of his 39 starts for the burgeoning baseball dynasty that would take home three straight world championships between 1972 and 1974.
It was one of those seasons a player has that grabs the attention of baseball and NON-baseball fans alike. Incredible year for the young lefty.


  1. No comments? Come on! This is a great card. Thanks Gio!

  2. I guess I was stunned by its awesomeness to say anything! 😉

    It is a great card and it sure beats what was in the set by a mile.



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