Saturday, December 31, 2016


All the very best for the New Years to everyone, and I thank you all for joining me everyday to relive those awesome baseball days during the 1970’s!
I figured today would be a great time to let you all know a little of what I have planned for 2017. Some cool stuff that I hope you all enjoy!
First up, a CHUNK of this year will be taken up by what I will be calling “Not Quite Missing In Action”, which will be “missing” cards of players who made very brief appearances in the Major Leagues, some of whom literally played a SINGLE GAME at the MLB level.
I already have a couple of hundred players lined up, and heck, I figure if you made it all the way up to the “big show”, why not have a card to commemorate it?!
Also on tap for the new year will be a thread for a 1978 sub-set (in the manager-style layout) of “Future Star” cards, with a snapshot of a star player before they made the pros, with a “current” shot on the right. Have a BUNCH of stars with awesome pics of them as amateurs so that will be fun to do!
I also wanted to tackle the 1977 Mariners and Blue Jays cards from the Topps set and recreate them with actual photos of the players in the correct uniforms instead of the airbrushed jobs we saw when opening packs 40 years earlier.
I do realize that the OPC set took care of this in a sense, but I’ve found so many good photos of the players from that year I figured there’s never too much out there, am I right?
A REALLY cool sub-set I want to create is a 1975 “In-Action” set since so many of the stars did not have action photos on their cards.
So as Topps did in 1972, many of the players will have an “In-Action” card in addition to their regular card in the 1975 set.
Among some of the other smaller ideas I have is to periodically drop in “special” cards like they used to do in the 1960’s, with stars paired up in random photos.
I loved that they had those in the 50’s/60’s and wished Topps carried that into the 70’s.
Anyway, it’ll definitely be a packed year for the blog,  so I hope you all continue to check in as I keep feeding one of my obsessions day in and day out.
See you tomorrow as we start it all up again, keeping that 1970’s baseball flame alive!

Now go and get ready for that ball to drop tonight!
All the best to all of you and yours this coming new year!


  1. Looking forward to everything! Keep 'em coming, and Happy New Year!

  2. Some very cool ideas. Looking forward to the posts.and future mags. Happy new year

  3. Thank You and Happy New Year. Love your Post.

  4. Sounds really good. Your blog was one of the first I discovered after spending years away from the hobby, and it always brings a smile. Hope 2017 brings you many smiles too.

  5. I support your plan to re-do the 1977 Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays cards. After much thought, I recommend that you also consider the following ideas for 2017: 1) Re-do the 1972 Texas Rangers cards. Depict the players in Rangers uniforms rather than in their airbrushed Washington Senators uniforms. 2) Re-do the 1977 cards of Bert Campaneris, Joe Rudi, Gene Tenace, Rollie Fingers, Sal Bando, Don Baylor, and Willie McCovey. All of them played for the Oakland A's in '76. 3) Make dedicated rookie cards of more players from the 1979 set -- i.e., Alfredo Griffin, Randy Bass, Kevin Bass, Dwayne Murphy, Danny Darwin, Glenn Hubbard, Scott Sanderson, Lonnie Smith, and Terry Kennedy. 4) Re-do the 1975 cards of Bobby Murcer (Yankees) and Bobby Bonds (Giants).

  6. Happy New Years!!

    Looking forward to seeing what the 2017 "season" will bring! :)

  7. Gio, been coming to your Blog first thing every morning for the past year. GREAT stuff, very inspired to start a Blog (fellow custom designer). Love all your subsets. Keep up the good work!



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