Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Here is a card that wasn’t missing from the 1976 Topps set, but one that “Reader Jim” requested I redesign to show the player as a member of the team he suited up for in 1975, Tom Paciorek:

While Paciorek found himself as a member of the Atlanta Braves in 1976, with Topps airbrushing him to show this change of scenery, we created a card that shows him as a Los Angeles Dodgers player, the team he came up with in 1970, and the team he appeared in 62 games for the previous year.
Paciorek batted .193 for the Dodgers that year, collecting 28 hits over 145 at-bats while playing the outfield as a spot starter and player off the bench.
After spending two-and-a-half years in Atlanta he moved on to the Seattle Mariners, where he actually began getting full-time work and found his stroke topping .300 a few times with a high of .326 in the strike-shortened 1981 campaign.
He would go on the play 18 years in the Major Leagues, making it all the way to 1987 with 27 appearances for the Texas Rangers before calling it a career.
All told he’d end up with a very nice .282 batting average with 1162 hits in 4121 at-bats over 1392 games, with an All-Star game nod in 1981.


  1. Nice card. When you mentioned Paciorek getting that All-Star selection I figured it was just because every team needs a rep and those early Mariners teams were pretty bad, so if a guy had a semi-decent year he could go to the ASG. But then I noticed Tom had a 10th (!) place finish in the MVP voting in the aforementioned 1981 season for the Mariners, so it was more than just a decent year.

    Regarding 1976 Topps, it was very interesting (confusing) how Topps handle the 6-player Trade between the Dodgers and Braves prior to the 1976 Season. Here is the breakdown:
    From the Dodgers to the Braves:
    Tom Paciorek - Topps has him as a Brave on his 1976 card.
    Jim Wynn - Topps has him as a Brave on his 1976 card.
    Jerry Royster - Topps has him as a Brave on his 1976 4-player Rookie card.
    Lee Lacy - Topps has him as a Dodger on his 1976 card, then added him as a Brave in the 1976 Traded Series.

    From Braves to the Dodgers:
    Ed Goodson - Topps has him as a Dodger on his 1976 card.
    Dusty Baker - Topps has him as a Brave on his 1976 card, then added him as a Dodger in the 1976 Traded Series. NOTE: Dusty's "article" on the back of his Traded card lists all six of the players in the trade (show that Tops did recognize that all of the players were part of the trade on 11/17/1975, but still presented them with some guys air brushed on the new team and some on their old team.

  2. Great "re-do" in support of a great way to look at those Topps sets of the 70s!



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