Friday, October 21, 2016


Here’s what would be a “missing” rookie card for Gold Glove winning first baseman Mike Squires, who would spend his entire 10-year career with the Chicago White Sox:

Squires came up to the Major Leagues in 1975, appearing in 20 games for the Pale Hose, batting .231 over 65 at-bats.
After a season in the Minors in ‘76, he was in the Big Leagues to say in 1977, generally a guy off the bench, specifically as a defensive replacement, leading to a Gold Glove Award in the strike-shortened 1981 season.
By the time he was out of the Majors after a couple of games in 1985, he left behind a .260 batting average with 411 hits over 1580 at-bats in 779 games, with a career .995 fielding percentage.
Nevertheless, as it stands Squires first card would be in that horrible black-and-white multi-player rookie sub-set in the 1979 set.
On a side-note, never realized that in the 1976 Topps set, there isn’t a first baseman among all the White Sox players.  I had to get creative to whip up a first baseman template for this card.


  1. I was intrigued by your comment about no 1B card for the 1976 topps white sox...

    The 1975 White Sox had 6 guys that played at least 1 game at 1B.
    1) Carlos May - 63 Games / 62 Games Started - He also played 40+ games in the OF and his card showed him as an OF, which was generally his position throughout his career.
    2) Deron Johnson - 55 G / 52 GS - also played 93 games at DH - which is his position on his card (which depicts him on the Red Sox due to his late season trade to Boston)
    3) Tony Muser - 41 G / 25 GS - only played 1B for Sox in 1975 but was traded mid-season to Baltimore (which is the team on his 1976 topps card)
    4) Mike Squires - 20 G / 17 GS - No card for 1976 Topps (until now!!!!!)
    5) Lamar Johnson - 6 G / 5 GS - Appears on a 1976 Topps card, as a 1B, with the White Sox (but alas, he is on a 4-panel rookie card with Johnnie Lemaster and Craig Reynolds).
    6) Jerry Moses - 1 G / 0 GS (only 2 innings) - last action of Jerry's (Gerry's) career and thus no card in 1976.

    As for the 1976 White Sox, they had 2 guys that played significant time at 1B. Lamar Johnson played 34 games and newly acquired Jim Spencer played 143. Jim had a 1976 Topps Traded card showing his trade to the White Sox in December 1975. But the design of the Topps traded cards does not match the regular issue cards and therefore, no 1B for the 1976 topps white sox.

  2. Squires caught a couple of games one year. A left handed catcher



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