Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Here’s a 1977 “Traded” card for former all-star and batting champ Bill Buckner, who found himself in the “Windy City” after starting his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers, although I swear it looks like Tim Blackwell. But the source of this photo swears it is indeed "Billy Buck":

Traded in January, “Billy Buck” went on to have an excellent time as a Cub, topping .300 four of his seven seasons there, even winning the National League batting title in 1980 when he hit .324.
It was a big trade that included Ivan DeJesus going to Chicago with Buckner while Rick Monday went West to L.A.
Now I’m not going to talk about “that moment” in 1986 because I feel it unjustly takes away from a great 22-year career that saw him collect 2715 hits, 498 doubles, over 1000 runs scored and runs batted in with a .289 lifetime average.
He also topped 100 RBI’s in a season three times, each time with LESS than 20 home runs, a rare feat in the modern game, while also collecting 200 hits in both the N.L. and A.L. (1982 with the Cubs, 1985 with the Red Sox).
Not necessarily a borderline Hall of Famer, but if there was such a thing, a “borderline-borderline-HOF’er” at the very least!
For what it’s worth, he is also one of the handful of players whose career spanned four decades: 1960’s-1990’s.
Great player....


  1. I've always liked the statistic of "100 RBI with less than 20 HR". I am sure that it had to do with my favorite player, Thurman Munson accomplishing it 3 times. But it also seemed to correspond to other players I tended to like. From 1970 thru 1982 (to include Billy Buck) it happened 17 times (including several players I really enjoyed watching, like Thurman Munson (3 times), Ted Simmons, Richie Zisk, Bill Buckner, Willie Montanez, Bruce Bochte, Al Oliver, Keith Hernandez, Wes Parker, Rod Carew, Bob Watson, Greg Luzinski, Buddy Bell, George Hendrick, & Rusty Staub. This list is chock full of "Borderline-Borderline Hall of Famers" (which is now an official term as far as I am concerned).

  2. Looks like Dennis Eckersly to me. ;-) Great card though.



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