Monday, April 25, 2016


Keeping on with my fantasy thread and Mickey Mantle, here’s a 1971 Topps card for “The Mick”, just imagining if he played closer to the age of 40 than he did:

Leaving us just short of a Mantle card appearing in the 1970’s, these creations are just some fun I’m having with some players who left the game on the “early” side (think Mantle or Koufax).
I think I’ll create a 1972 Mantle card as well, but pushing it to 1973 seems a bit much.
Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do, kind of leaps out at me after a lifetime of established card-boundaries regarding certain players.


  1. Love these. Wish they were real.

  2. Fantastic! Maybe a 72 regular card and an "in action" card?!

  3. Very nice.

    I'm trying to decide whether it would be cool or creepy to make some cards imagining that Roberto Clemente hadn't died so tragically, but instead lived to play on a bit longer. (He was already 38, so it's not as though he would have played another decade or anything, but probably a couple more years of cards....)

  4. Very cool.. though I think I've kind of become desensitized to seeing players on unfamiliar vintage designs thanks to modern retro sets such as Topps Archives.

    Hell, I'd say give him a 1973 card. His contempory Willie Mays had one, after all. It'd be funny to photoshop Mickey into another team's uniform (like how Mays ended up on the Mets), imagining the Yankees would have eventually cut ties with him. It'd be hilarious to see him on the Angels or something. Haha

  5. Did you consider making a horizontal -- i.e., in action -- version of this Mickey Mantle fantasy card? You know, like the '71 cards of Thurman Munson and Roy White?



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