Saturday, March 5, 2016


Wanted to spotlight yet another card from that awesome 1976 set that I love so much to this day: Jim Palmer’s colorful cardboard slab shown here:

Man the colors, the action, the future Hall of Fame pitcher in the prime of his career. It’s got it all.
Palmer was hitting 30 years of age with no sign of slowing down when this card came out, posting his sixth 20-win season with a league-leading 22 and taking home his third Cy Young Award, a record at that time.
He’d go on to finish with 268 wins with a brilliant 2.86 earned run average and 2212 K’s, along with 53 shutouts and a .638 winning percentage.
Throw in his three Cy’s, six all-star nods and four Gold Gloves and the man was the cream of the crop as far as American League pitchers go for the decade.

You know, there's something about those slightly unclear photos in this day of "high resolution/high definition" modernity that still hits home as far as "the way it was" and how great growing up when I did really is...


  1. This is also one of my favorites - Palmer has some great cards - 73, 74 & 77 - but this was the best one

  2. Nice on for sure. Some of the action shots from 76 are best of the decade.

    We used to imitate Palmers over the top pitching motion when we were kids. He is underrated in today's time but he and Seaver were probably the two most consistent pitchers during the 70's. Love to know where they both rank in wins ERA and strikeouts for the decade.

  3. I agree; this card is a classic! 1976 was the first year I collected cards and will always be my favorite. The stellar photography and great color combinations never get old for me!



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