Sunday, November 8, 2015


Just wanted to spotlight another airbrushing gem from the 1970’s, the 1976 Topps card for former speedster Dave Nelson, then of the Kansas City Royals:

Man, the work on the uniform is actually really well done, but then you take a gander at that cap and wonder why Topps even bothered doing this.
How do you all feel about the following: would it have been better of Topps just used a photo of the player in his uniform with his prior team, and just went and had the card call out his NEW team?
In other words: why not just have a Royals card with a photo of Nelson still in his Texas Rangers uniform?
I honestly don’t know what I’d prefer, but it could have been a cool way for young kids like myself to see right off the bat the players that changed teams in the off-season.
What do you all think? Topps did the right thing with the airbrushing? Or should they have just used an existing photo and show the “new” team?
Curious to see what everyone feels about this...


  1. I remember opening up packs and seeing a lot of airbrush jobs. Some good. Some bad. Very bad... Personally, I love the airbrush jobs. The 1971 Topps high numbers are loaded with some gems. They really standout not only from a baseball prospective but also an art prospective... I remember actually thinking, "Man, where can I get a hat that looks like that?!"

  2. When I saw cards like this and the Jim Wynn All-Star card, I wondered why Topps didn't just leave them in the previous year's uniform, and save the new team for the Traded set.

  3. I prefer the 1980's option of just ignoring the team change. I always viewed the cards as more of a documenting the past rather than foreshadowing the future.

  4. Order of preference:
    1) Rangers Team card and include him in the Traded Set (I prefer this even if there is a legitimate photo of a player on the new team because I agree with Jeff me the cards document the previous year).
    2) Rangers Team card even if there is no traded set (see #1 above)
    3) Airbrush
    3 tie) Rangers Card with a note that says "Traded to Kansas City..." a la OPC.
    DISTANT 5) Royals Card with Rangers photo - I HATE THIS - never good!
    4) Rangers photo on Royals Card (this is always horrible to me)

    1. scratch the #4 at the bottom of my post

  5. I agree with you and Jeff. Most airbrush jobs are pretty bad.



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