Tuesday, January 20, 2015


You just can't make this stuff up...
So I'm trolling around Ebay today for ideas on future posts, and suddenly come across a "card that never was" that was CREATED BY ME for sale, a 1975 Topps Hunter card as a Yankee!
I'm cool with people using some of my designs for personal reasons, but come on man!


I also saw many cards designed by other bloggers being sold by this guy!
Just B.S.
If it's so important just go and design your own cards ok?
Creating cards for entertainment is one thing. But to go and sell someone else's designs on Ebay is just plain wrong.
Not that I would have said "yes", but to not even be asked first makes it even more frustrating!
Once again: please DO NOT use my card designs without permission to make yourself a quick buck ok?
This blog is solely for entertainment purposes, and is not meant to be a vehicle for card "production" or sales for me or ANYBODY ELSE!


  1. Gio,

    You hopefully know exactly where I am on this - and that any creation is purely for my own personal collection. Feel free to contact me outside of this if I can assist in anyway. Unreal.....

  2. If that happened to me I'd be 99% furious over my work being stolen but 1% honored that what I did was good enough to be stolen! I'm sure this will work out for you. I'm sure the Topps company would also be interested in this person's auction if you know what I mean... Good luck.

  3. Gio, don't let those phonies deter you from future creations. I know I speak for many when I say that your work here is much appreciated. Your Topps 1972 Tony Conigliaro is among my favorites and I am still blown away from it!

  4. Wow, the guy has 100% feedback, too. That's pathetic.

  5. On the auction page, just above the description on the far right, there is a link for "Report item". You can report such items for being counterfeit.

  6. You should contact him first - there is a slim chance he doesn't know the facts behind these; perhaps he got them from someone else. If that doesn't work, they you should report him. Please don't let this keep you from your work! I need to check e-Bay periodically to see if any of mine make it up there.

  7. I messaged him, politely, and asked him what he knew about the card he was selling. I'll report on what, if anything, he says about it.

  8. Hey everyone,
    Thanks for the support! We should all start up "fake card" card conventions! Ha! Seems the demand is there right? ;)
    I just honestly can't believe the prices some of these cards go for!?!? In this day and age aren't we all one step removed from a "Photoshop-guy"?! Why pay these prices for an ink-jet printed fake card?
    I'm all for obsessively collecting (just ask my wife!), but man, it blows me away seeing these "cards" sell for upwards of $50!
    Anyway, I contacted the guy and he wrote me back. He knows what the deal is. I promise you. He has made a KILLING on a bunch of John Hogan's cards (from "Cards that Never Were"), as well as a bunch of Lemke's cards.
    Just not right.
    I got the whole: "Oh I'm sorry I didn't know" line.
    Anyway, let's go on and enjoy our hobby! Lord knows I'm not about to stop it now! Heck, I'm already about a month and a half ahead!
    Thanks again guys! Nice little "community" we have here!
    But let us all keep an eye on this guy, as well as any others that may come along. The fact that they think it's "ok" tto sell someone else's stuff without permission is incredible to me!

  9. I remember seeing stuff like that in the 80s and 90's with t-shirts and other trinkets I would see at baseball card shows. Statute of limitations is about five seconds these days.

    Don't be deterred Gio. We love your work and I personally look forward to checking in every day to see what you have whipped up for us.

  10. I noticed those about a month or so ago. The thing is, they don't even look good. No backs, ink jet printing, I was kinda disappointed. I hope he at least used quality paper. LOL

  11. Gio - it is pretty despicable but not all that surprising. Some of us team or player collectors can be pretty obsessive especially with something they've never seen before. Whatever you do, don't let this stop you from producing these great works of art. I can tell you that I so look forward to checking your blog every morning to see what's new and what's next. You are incredible!

    Over the last several months, your site and those like Lemke's and "Cards that never were" have finally re-engaged me in as a collector. Just now I am collecting images of my favorite years of cards. And having blossomed as a collector in the topps/fleer/donruss years were everything was an error or variation, I am just loving your alternative cards and filling in the blanks for cards that should have been made especially for stars, superstars and my Mets.


    1. Hey Seth!
      Thanks! Always like the positive "reviews" of the blog!
      As for the printing of my designs: I don't mind AT ALL if someone wants to create actual cards from my designs, but for their own collection.
      For some guy to go and print MULTIPLES and then sell them on Ebay is just wrong. That is the issue here. These clows are making serious money off other people's work without citing them, or even THANKING them or asking them for permission.
      That can't happen.
      Heck, we should then all get together and start REALLY producing these cards and create an entire card-collecting niche that benefits US. No?
      But no worries, there's no way I'm stopping this blog! Too much fun doing it! ;)

  12. OK, I received a response from the seller. First my question to him:
    "Did you design this card yourself?"

    His answer:

    The all caps style is his. I was a little surprised to hear back from him but there you go. Gio, did you contact him?

      I don't even know what he is trying to imply here. Just B.S.
      I certainly do not mind if someone takes my designs and creates cards for himself. By all means that's cool. But to go out and make some nice money off other people's work is just wrong.
      THAT is what bothers me. He is making MULTIPLE cards and selling them on Ebay. Fuck him quite honestly.
      That's like selling someone else's art, music, writing and making $$ off of it without citing them or even thanking them.
      He did in fact write me back and apologized and did the old "I didn't realize...I'm so sorry" blah blah blah.
      Yeah, right.
      Then he asked what he could do to make it up to me, so I told him "Take the cards down". Of course, no such thing happened. And Ebay is no help. I reported the item, contacted them, Nothing.

  13. I've had this problem with two Ebay sellers so far. I wasn't looking for such activity but it was reported to me by a blog reader. In both cases I contacted the guy and both times they were very apologetic & said they didn't know who made them, found em on google. I was a real dick to the first guy, threatened him and it really wasn't necessary. He was most cooperative and pulled all cards by me. I was more polite with the second guy, and even gave him permission to sell a few (it's kinda crazy our custom cards can make $$). I was going to look into seeing what his printed cards looked like. I could use a printing connection. He got some good $$ for a few of my cards. We corresponded (thru Ebay PMs) for a bit but when I asked him for his Email address all communication ended.
    Both these guys were honest in their Ebay info in that they remarked that these were not real cards. That's important to me, and if they did try to pawn them off as real cards I'd have a major problem. But both sellers were nice, said they'd stop, as far as I know they did. This has gotten me into looking into having my cards printed on card stock. If they pass my card quality department, I'd sell em. That be a blast

    1. Hey Warren,
      THIS guy was nice about it in his reply to me, but he STILL has the card (s) up there on Ebay even after I asked him to pull it. And to be honest when I looked at his history and saw just how much money this ass-clown made off other people's work, that did NOT sit right with e. THAT is what bothers me.
      You know what? We SHOULD start producing these cards ourselves! I mean, screw it, we design them, take the time to gather the photos, templates, etc. We should start a particular niche in collecting that produces unique cards for those interested, instead of guys swooping in and stealing other people's work to make a $$.
      I know I'd LOVE to see my 1972 "In Action" series produced as a set! Any takers?

    2. If you guys started making these cards I would be first in line to buy them. I've bought some of Bob Lemke's cards before. He does an amazing job. I would love a set of your 72 in action cards. I look forward to seeing what you produce every morning.

  14. Gio..maybe you could tell Topps that your work is so good that it's getting plagurized and sold on ebay. Maybe then they will finally hire you and you could oversee a new line of Topps baseball card products that fills in the blanks. ( I mean this in all seriousness but) they could sell the shit out of your work. If people are willing to buy ink jet fakes, they sure as hell would buy the things you are producing and they would actually have some value.

    Good luck. As Bono says in the song "Acrobat".... "don't let the bastards keep you down!"

    1. Tony: from your mouth to God's ears!!!! I would LOVE Topps to do some "fill in the blanks" series of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. Sadly I don't think it's worth it for them since the young kids today don't really tap into the history of the game as much. I could be wrong, but sure seems that way.

  15. I've bought some of Bob Lemke's cards in the past. He does very high quality stuff. At one point he stopped doing them (or at least stopped selling them) due to eBay issues with them being copied. He came back with higher prices to discourage resale. I don't blame him at all but he has made me much more selective in buying from him at that price. It's a shame it came to that.

    Gio, I was tempted to buy the card from the guy just so I could leave feedback stating that the card design was stolen but I hate giving the guy even a penny.

    I'm going to keep reporting him to eBay until something gets accomplished, maybe they will pull his account (or mine for being a pain).

    1. The guy wrote me back yesterday and offered to split future $$ with me if I allowed him to keep selling cards on ebay. Just unreal. Why wouldn't I just do it myself then? He was nice about it, but it still doesn't seem to dawn on him what he is doing wrong.

  16. Have you considered making a traded version of the 1975 Topps Jim Hunter card in a horizontal format? It would look awfully nice next to your traded cards of Dick Allen, Boog Powell, and Ken Singleton.

    1. Hey Joe!
      I did, actually began working on one until I remembered he wasn't actually traded. He signed as a Free Agent. So that killed the whole "traded card" bit.
      Oh well...
      I've actually almost made that mistake a few times, then remembering that the player wasn't actually part of a trade...

  17. I've said it before, I'll say it again. We should have a community msg board for all us card makers to meet and discuss what we do. I'll throw one up if you want, or we can meet at an existing place, like Baseball Birthdays or something. All you guys can reach me at zvon58@hotmail.com.

    Geo- I'll go get the Ebay names of the two guys because I want to know if this is one of them. I know what you mean about them making $ off our stuff is a kick in the nutz but it's also proof that there is a market out there for our stuff. Some of my cards went for over 20$. Each. That boggles my mind. It would be nice if it fattened my wallet (so my wallet card would be more flattened & dog eared) so I will consider selling them, and other graphic work I do (posters & Tshirts).

    First guys name was : noisebulb
    Second sellers name was: guytf

    Both seemed like reasonable people. Generally speaking about Ebay sellers, the one thing they really don't like is if you trash them in comments or do anything to jeopardize their customer rating. If you are not getting the sellers attention, do this and you will.

    1. Hey Warren,
      Yeah it was Guytf. He even wrote me back and offered to split $$ with me if I allowed him to keep selling my designs.
      Amazing. I turned it down. Why wouldn't I just do it myself!?!?

  18. I've written up a post here about this issue. Trying to do my part to raise awareness for this issue.

    1. This issue is one I care strongly about. (This issue! LOL)

    2. LOVE the post! Great job there!
      Let's see how this all plays out.
      The guy "Guytf" wrote me back and actually offered to split the sales $$ if I allowed him to keep selling my cards! I kindly rejected that idea.

    3. I really like defgav's take on this subject. Initially I thought it was basically harmless but when people are paying over $40 for phony cards. I want nothing to do with it.

      I sent a message to the seller basically stating that he does not have permission to use any cards posted on my blog. I also posted a long babbling commentary on this subject earlier today.

      You can see it here: http://cardsthatneverwere.blogspot.com/2015/01/selling-fake-cards.html

  19. Guys, I make custom cards too for my online baseball league. I created the missing cards and traded cards for 1977-1981 and I'm worried that some of mine might have hit ebay. Can you steer me toward the seller who is posting these auctions ? Much thanks in advance. This is a hobby for me and this type of behavior is ticking me off, since I in no way would have given anyone this type of permission. Love the work you do as well !

  20. I just read that you said he responds "ONLY IN CAPS". We had a guy who we had to ban from our league who ONLY WROTE IN CAPS. I'm now wondering if he's one in the same.

  21. I'm late to the party on this one (as usual)... I've had people ask to post my customs on their blog, and I'm fine with that (as long as they give me credit). I wouldn't be surprised if people have printed off my customs for their collections... but I don't know which astounds me more, that other people would just print them off and sell them or that people would buy them for the money they are. I haven't found any examples of my customs being sold, but maybe it's more about my doing current players in older designs (and my own designs). These sellers may truly be clueless about this, may think it's a "victimless crime" or just figured they'd never get caught.



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