Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Here's a card that really serves two purposes: a 1976 "dedicated rookie card" for my favorite second baseman growing up, Willie Randolph, which also serves as part of my "traded" series.
Take a look:

I was initially going to design a Randolph card with him as a Pittsburgh Pirate, but thought a card for him as a Yankee, with a "traded" notation along the bottom to add to my traded series would be cool. (I was never a fan of the 1976 "traded" sub-set).
Randolph was on his way to a very nice 18-year career, primarily manning second base with the Yanks between 1976 and 1988.
By the time he retired after the 1992 season, he collected over 2000 hits, scored over 1200 runs, stole 271 bases, and was a six-time all-star with a Silver Slugger Award thrown in for good measure in 1980.
For me, Randolph came in right when I became a baseball "nut", and left the Yankees via free agency right when I was "distracted" from the game for a few years in my late-teens. So really, there was NO other second baseman in my young life.
A solid player who went about his business quietly, yet very effectively.


  1. Hmmm.....Willie as a Pirate? Why not do both Gio?! Some of us won't mind.....wink wink....Ha!

    Great card!

  2. I will always remember Willie for being on 3 DIFFERENT teams that my beloved Reds swept in the post-season. That HAS to be a record, right? In '75 he was with the Pirates who lost 3 straight to Cincy in the NLCS. The following year he was on the Yankees who were swept by the Reds in the World Series. Lastly, he was on the 1990 Oakland A's who were swept by the Reds in the World Series. I'm guessing that he pretty much hates the Reds...but his 2 Championship Rings with the Yanks in '77 and '78 probably make him feel a little better. ;-)



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