Saturday, August 23, 2014


You'd think a guy who posted 474 plate appearances over 125 games the previous season, and was STILL an active professional player when the 1973 season broke, would warrant a card in the 1973 Topps set!
But apparently Topps knew something and never ended up creating a card for second baseman Ron Theobald.
So I did all these years later.
Check it out:

Theobald only had one baseball card for his short two year career, and that was in the 1972 set.
But he was a full-time player in those two years, posting 779 at-bats and 926 plate appearances over 251 games.
Seems wrong to only have ONE card.
His rookie year of 1971 was a pretty decent one.
In 126 games for the Brewers, almost all as a second baseman, he collected 107 hits in 388 at-bats, good for a .276 average, along with 12 doubles, two triples and a home run.
Not a bad batting average for a middle infielder in those days!
The following year in '72 he pretty much saw the same amount of action, one less game but 22 more plate appearances, but he saw his batting average dip 56-points to .220.
So when the 1973 season opened, Theobald found himself in the Minors, playing for Hawaii in the Pacific Coast League for the San Diego Padres organization.
(By the way, I cannot find any transaction information for Theobald after his Milwaukee days. Anyone know how he was picked up by the Padres?)
Nevertheless, all he could muster with them was a .221 average over 43 games while committing eleven errors in the field.
That ended up being the last Theobald had in pro baseball as far as I can find.
But I still think he should have had a card in the 1973 set with all that playing time the previous year.
Luckily this blog allows me to "fix" these missing cards. ;)


  1. On his 72 card he appeared to be about 55

    1. Ha! I know right!? I thought the very same thing!!!

  2. Man. You did it again. I absolutely love these cards you make. This is the 3rd one this week to go along with Bruce Dal Canton and Jim Panther. I also liked the 1975 Norm Cash card. How about a 1977 Hank Aaron card? I was a young baseball nerd and used to create fantasy baseball leagues with my cards. I feel like going through all your posts and printing your missing cards. I would add them to the appropriate year. I feel another nerd attack coming on... Back to the cards!

    1. Hey Johnny! I DID do a 1977 Hank Aaron! Click on his name in the right column under "labels". Let me know what you think of it... ;)



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