Friday, February 28, 2014


Here's a position for my "All-Decade" 1970 sub-set creation that was about as easy as it gets: third base.
Brooks Robinson and Ron Santo were easy picks as the best at their position in their respective leagues for the 1960's.
Both future Hall of Famers who distanced themselves from the rest of the pack, and make for a nice card. Take a look:

Brooks Robinson, he of 16 Gold Gloves, an M.V.P. In 1964, 15 All-Star games, and over 2800 hits and two World Championships over his stellar 23 year career playing entirely for the Baltimore Orioles, was not only the third baseman of the DECADE for the American League, but perhaps still is the third baseman of FOREVER in the A.L.
His hitting was good enough (for his era) to have him stand out as a perennial All-Star, but his fielding was just plain out of this world.
Who can forget his fielding display in the 1970 World Series, frustrating the Cincinnati Reds with play after play?
The man was truly the "Human Vacuum Cleaner"!
Over on the National League side, Ron Santo was no slouch himself: nine All-Star games, five Gold Gloves, 342 lifetime homers and 1331 runs batted in in a somewhat short 15-year career, mainly for the North Side Chicago Cubs (he played his last year for the South Side Chicago White Sox) in 1974.
He was about as beloved a Cub as there ever was, and finally made it into the Hall of Fame in 2012 as a Veteran's Committee selection, even though tragically it was two years after he passed away.
Just take a look at his career, and see the solid numbers year after year, about as consistent a player you could ever ask for.
Two great third basemen that made this entry for the thread easy.
Next up we move on to Catcher, which was not as easy as one might think…
Stay tuned and see who the players are.

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  1. Always thought that Ron Santo belonged in the HOF well before his induction. If he had played on better Cubs' teams in the 1960s, he would have been a shoo-in HOF. Then there were those in the Baseball Writers Association who flat out hated Santo. Thanks for selecting him along with Brooks Robinson...two great third basemen.



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